The Warlander


The Warlander started as a dream, and was created by the desire to develop a breed with outstanding beauty, grace, athleticism, and intelligence. Dedicated breeders of both Andalusians and Friesians selectively bred some of the oldest and purest strains of horses in the world, to produce a horse that would inherit the best of both ancient breeds.

This was not a breed started by chance. To decide to cross two breeds that are so refined, and so individually magnificent, was not a decision that was lightly made. The very fact that both base breeds of the Warlander have been so strictly inspected and regulated as to type and conformation for centuries, assures that the Warlander begins as a breed with a greater purity of line than many of today's well established breeds. Because of this, consistency of type will be established in the first generations.

All over the world Warlanders are proving themselves to be everything that was hoped for at the beginning of the dream...we are at the dawn of a new breed. For those of us that breed Warlanders, this is truly a labor of love. We are all, if not owners of Andalusians, Friesians and Lusitanos, great admirers of them.

The Warlander was created out of love and respect for both of these extraordinary breeds. Our goal is not to dilute or change them. It is to take the best of each and combine them to create something wonderful.

Like proud parents, we look forward to the world meeting our Warlanders. This is an amazing horse, and so much more than just another cross.