In a move to improve the registration process, the International Warlander Society and Registry is transferring all current registrations to a new international studbook:


This new body will manage global registrations and maintain the world standard for the Warlander breed.

With the new body comes an overhaul of the registrations process which will now be more comprehensive and include two registries - the main studbook for Parental Verified (DNA) tested horses and an auxiliary studbook for those horses not DNA tested.
There will be a new website with information for breeders and perspective owners, a media service to further promote the breed, an online genealogy for all breeding horses, and more.
If you currently have a Warlander registered with the IWSR be assured that all horses previously registered with the IWSR will still be entered in the new international studbook with auxiliary registration status. You will have the opportunity to upgrade the registrations for your horses within the studbook by following the necessary steps for Parental Verification.
The transfer of registrations, the process of building the new Global Studbook and all associated with that body, is no small endeavor. We give a large "thank you" to Karen-Maree' Kaye for taking on the task. The new studbook is aiming to be operational by the end of 2012, early 2013. We appreciate your patience during the transitional process.

We are all greatly excited with this next stage for the Warlander breed.

Thank you.
Constance Davenport
IWSR Registrar

You may contact Karen via email at: Karen-Maree' Kaye